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The Manager's Toolkit 

The Manager’s toolkit


1 day Programme  condensed  or  achieved over 2 days (other options available)


Course overview

Managers today are expected to be game changers, mood makers and scene setters.

They are expected to lead their fields operationally as well as having a strong input strategically. A manager should be equipped with the capacity to interview, recruit, motivate, inspire, train, appraise, delegate, coach and mentor as well as managing performance and raising productivity. 

Many Managers learn by trial and error with hopefully no costly mistakes along the day.

This programme is created and designed to fill that gap. Its practical approach will focus on a thorough assessment of the Manager’s skills set and seek out the areas for enrichment. It will then lead to a toolkit of useful strategies for day to day Management that can positively impact not just the outcomes of the role but the relationships contained internally and externally.  The Manager’s toolkit also demystifies popular Management models and looks at how it can enhance your performance. This programme is recommended for staff in Private, Public or Voluntary Sectors and it can be modified to accommodate specific needs.


Who should attend?


  • Recently promoted Managers or those new to Management

  • Senior Managers or experienced Managers who would like to refresh their Management skills

  • Departmental Heads

  • Team Leaders

  • Project Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Staff in other positions who would like to move into Management roles


Learning aims and objectives

  • To equip Managers with a modern day ‘Mindset’ and the latest cutting edge ‘Skillset’ so they can significantly increase their chances to achieve their professional outcomes

  • To enhance motivation and develop self confidence in one’s own ability to perform

  • To  become clear of the pathways to leadership and develop a strategy for moving forward


Course content


Self Management

  • 7 skills assessment to determine areas of strength and areas for enrichment

  • Strategies for developing skills highlighted for development

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Confidence building

  • Presentation skills

People Management

  • Popular Management models explored and made practical

  • Cutting edge interviewing skills and techniques

  • Performance management

  • Motivating and Developing staff

  • One to one meetings or Charing meeting – getting to the point with style and grace

  • Managing your boss and internal/ external stakeholders

  • Coaching staff for improved performance


Each delegate receives a course folder and many additional features, for instance:

  • A list of recommended resources and websites for further development

  • A complimentary gift

  • An opportunity to join a quarterly Managers meet up to explore and share  ideas

      ( first meeting free for all delegates)

  • An opportunity to receive free updates on Management resources

  • An opportunity to receive a free 15 consultation on Executive Coaching




For bookings and enquiries please get in touch with

Kiechelle Degale

MlnstLM    MCMI   WiM

Director │Lead Trainer│Keynote Speaker

07956 896 524

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