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Feedback recent 16/09/21

“Absolutely brilliant course so glad I did it, and brilliant instructor, thanks Kiechelle”

“Hi, thanks very much for the course. I felt it was a very informative and helpful course, both in terms of promoting positive mental health for ourselves and also how we can better support others. Particularly with respects to more serious cases such as psychosis, I now feel more confident that I would be able to assist in such a situation. Many thanks also to Kiechelle who was a fantastic instructor and did a great job with explaining different concepts and answering all of our questions. I have already recommended the course to multiple people, thanks!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so grateful that I partook in this course. I had no doubts but - it definitely aligned with my passions and interests, and solidified to me more that, at this current time, mental health is what I want to be involved with. It has made me more excited for the future and spurred me on to continue down this journey. It has taught me a lot about how to support individuals (friends; family; colleagues) and apply it in different settings (the workplace; in the community). The ALGEE action plan has been a particular staple point of the course, coming back to it many times throughout the course, but its reinforcement is paramount as the course/instructor allowed me to understand its applicability and significance. The ALGEE action plan is something that I will definitely be applying in future and have already used with some of my social support system outside of the course. Thank you for feeding me information, allowing me to learn more, improving my confidence, allowing me to speak in a safe environment, becoming accustomed to the correct terminology, listening, and for fuelling conversations about a topic that I hope one day has its discrimination, stigma, and taboo better dealt with - and that topic is, mental health. Thank you.”

“Kiechelle was an amazing instructor and very engaged, managed the course well and left us with confidence in our training”

“Kiechelle was fantastic, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made the sessions engaging, informative and useful. The materials are great and it was very helpful to have the case studies and activities to apply the learning. I have learnt a lot and feel much more equipped to have conversations and support people.”

“This was a very interesting course and extremely well presented. I always thought I had a good knowledge on mental health but this course has shown me that I did not know as much as I thought and has enlightened me on appropriate ways to help people.”

Anonymous feedback on the Enabley Platform

I really enjoyed the course. The instructor Kiechelle was very knowledgeable and promoted group interaction. There were varied group experiences, which I think helped with the understanding of difference MH issues. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this course.

Kiechelle was a fantastic course guide, very engaging and the right balance of resources against verbal communication and clarifying understanding. She went out of her way to accommodate me being on the course and assisted with keeping me up to speed with the rest of the group when I couldn’t attend 1 of the sessions, so we had a 1 to 1 instead. Fantastic instructor and a real asset. Course materials were very informative without being overwhelming.

My overall experience has been great, with amazing teaching alongside clear explanation in response answers. The engagement of the other participants was good and this was created by Kiechelle's natural flare of bringing people together, giving everyone an opportunity to listen, communicate in a safe friendly non-judgemental environment. I have already recommended the course and in particular Kiechelle as the trainer. I endorse this course, it is a need for everyone!

The course was very informative. Having people around me who suffer with Mental Health, this course has allowed me to understand their disorders and helped me understand the best way to support them. I believe that everybody should complete this course

The course was very well put-together with a good balance between online and live sessions. The live sessions were facilitated well and I enjoyed using the break-out rooms to discuss things in more detail with less people. I would highly recommend the training to others

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